Website Content Management system

V Works made web site development easy with its unique tool Website Content Management System gives an opportunity to the customers to take charge of their websites

Your Business is a dynamic process, things change – new products, new services, new offers, price changes, feature changes, new office, new tie ups etc.

Features of WCMS:

* Update content of your site.
* Create photo galleries, add, edit and delete images to marquee effect also
* Add/Edit/Delete menus.
* Add/Edit/Delete submenus
* Create complex data entry forms
* Upload and Download files.
* Sell and advertise products
* Just drag and drop feature to change the sequences of services/sub services
* Automatic image resizing when adding images to marquee or any services
* Do all these things without the help of programming skills or technical staff and much, much more

Added Features

1. Compose un limited news letters
2. Store the bulk of email ids of your customers/ business prospects in organized fashion
3. One click of button send bulk emails
4. News Letters
5. Latest News